Bye-Bye Winter. Hello Winter Sun.

A Canadian winter is right around the corner. Tragic, we know. Sure, you could escape to a beach and sip frilly drinks. But, at G Adventures, it’s our scientific opinion that a bonafide adventure is the best way to beat the winter blues.

Built to be as immersive as humanely possible, our small group trips will get up close and personal to the best parts of our world, all while supporting the people and places you visit along the way. Sounds better than shovelling snow, right?

But the big question still remains: where on earth should you go? To help you out, we picked seven of our top winter sun destinations. Check ‘em out below!


The quintessential winter destination has so much more to offer than soft-sand beaches and tacos. Although those are still totally valid reasons to visit. Ancient ruins, vibrant indigenous cultures, and freshwater cenotes will wipe winter clean from your mind.



From the buzz of Bangkok to its rural villages and hilltribes to its serene southern islands, Thailand offers plenty of just about everything. It really is the sort of place you visit once, and then long for forever. Writer’s note: Take me back!!



Belize features a blend of so many cultures and experiences, you’ll never know what you’ll stumble upon next. Mayan ruins, remarkable marine life, outrageously scenic bike rides, and the nicest beaches ever are all on the itinerary.



Another destination beloved for its beaches, Cuba emphatically rewards those who venture outside the resorts. With its vibrant rhythms, varied landscapes, and rich history of literature and dance, Cuba truly is an adventure for all the senses.



From pristine beaches to temples surrounded by jungle, Indonesia is a land loaded with cultural and natural highlights. The surf is world-class, the wildlife are incredible, and its history is alive and oh-so fascinating.


Sri Lanka

A tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka boasts landscapes ranging from sandy beaches to lush forests to cool hill towns dotted with tea plantations. And with ancient traditions still common practice, you’ll feel the spirit of the region everywhere you go.

Picture the complete opposite of a Canadian winter. That’s the Maldives. This heavenly nation of islands is filled with perfectly turquoise water, white-sand beaches, and sprawling coral reefs that are a snorkeler’s dream.

Ready to kickstart your winter escape plan yet? We sure are.

Happy travels!




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