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Charting a Whole New Course of Action in Europe


Everyone travels to see new things, but many travel to do new things as well. With Avalon Waterways’ Active Discovery River cruises, there are activities for travellers with varying interests and for all energy and fitness levels. From action-packed experiences and interactive discoveries to traditional sightseeing, you can tailor a vacation to suit your interests and pace. 

Exploration in Motion
For the traveller who thrives on motion and action, we have created a broad menu of energetic excursions. You might find yourself on a jogging tour through Amsterdam, on a biking tour around Vienna, or even on a canoe trip on the Danube. From a climbing trip up to a medieval castle to hiking in the forest, these included excursions pack real get-up-and-go for those who like to do the same.

Engaging Experiences
For those who believe that life is about trying new things, Avalon presents an inspiring selection of interactive excursions created for the different kind of “doer.” These hands-on experiences include joining a painting class in Amsterdam, tasting locally produced cheese and beer at an ancient abbey, or saying “good morning” to Vienna on an early-riser walk to a quaint café for breakfast like a local. Local traditions come to life as you shift from observer to participant in a variety of creative outings.


Active Discovery on the Rhine
Avalon’s NEW Active Discovery on the Rhine river cruise is an exciting itinerary that introduces you to the people and place along the Rhine River in the most active, engaged, and fun ways imaginable. Stay active with a bike tour along the Rhine River, a running tour through Amsterdam, or a hike along a first-class hiking trail. Immerse yourself in the history and culture at each port with excursions to historic castles, a culinary tour, a painting class, and even get a chance to dress up in real Roman attire at a Roman Clothes Workshop or participate in a re-enactment of the Roman Games. Tour the corridors of an extinct volcano and a coal mine, and visit sites off the beaten path, such as a cemetery, an Olympic museum, or a chocolate museum…sure to entice all those with a sweet tooth on board! Every port gives you a world of possibilities as you interact with the locals and choose the dynamic, interactive activities that appeal to you most.


Active Discovery on the Danube
The legend of the Blue Danube and the beauty of Austria and Budapest invite you to make history with active discoveries of your own. With a dynamic blend of excursions, the choice is always yours: bike, hike, and canoe along the Danube or learn some of the local language—and then try it in a local café or pub. We offer the chance to explore an ice cave, take an archery lesson, descend into an underground salt mine, or ascend a mountain during a guided climb. Conduct an orchestra, compose your own waltz, play nine holes of golf, or help a farmer in their apricot orchard. It’s the old world in a whole new way!  

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