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How Travel Insurance Saved Martin

When you plan a California vacation, you don’t plan to fracture your foot…But fortunately for Martin, he did plan ahead with Manulife Travel Insurance. 

When Martin told us about his experience, we couldn’t help but think of some of the more obvious ways you might get injured in California. You could hurt your back while surfing, twist your ankle hiking through the redwoods, or strain your neck looking at the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Fracturing your foot while playing hockey wouldn’t be very high on that list. And yet that’s what happened to Martin, of Port Coquitlam, B.C. 

Fortunately, his fiancé Nina was there to drive him to the ER and call Manulife. He was advised to see an orthopedic surgeon, who took x-rays and deemed that Martin couldn’t travel without surgery, so a procedure was performed in California – all of which was covered by their Manulife policy.  

Nina says she never travels without insurance. “Just for the peace of mind… to me it’s just a cost of your trip. You’ve got your budget for food, your budget for medical insurance.”

And she spoke from experience: Martin had strained his back while on vacation a year earlier, also requiring a Manulife Travel Insurance claim. She said dealing with Manulife “was the easiest thing that you could’ve done. I just told them what happened, where we were, and they were taking care of everything. I was shocked at how easy it was… Just the convenience of everything and not having to worry about it, it was phenomenal.” 

While nobody ever wants to have to make a claim, you just never know when Manulife Travel Insurance could help you like it helped Martin. Contact us to learn how you can help protect yourself when travelling. 

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