Trip to Angastaco, Argentina


Angastaco is a town in San Carlos Department, Salta Province, Argentina, in the Calchaquí Valley. It is located on highway RN 40. In its original language, the town name means "Eagle of the Carob tree" (águila del algarrobo).

Angastaco is located in the middle mountains in a valley, crossed by the river of the same name, which crosses near the village after its source in Pucara, pouring its waters into the river below Calchaquí. This is striking, the contrast between the lush green crops and the sandy soil of the valleys. Since the mid-eighteenth century, indigenous nations settled in the town of Angastaco depended on the Franciscan Mission of Calchaquí Rosario, located in the hamlet of San Isidro, near Cafayate.

The town itself has a beautiful Inn, with a Civic Center with a small archaeological museum, with the Church that is projected onto a corner square with their crafts, with their regional wines and "Pater", with its incomparable perfume mistela. 

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