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Small Group Tours 2022

Our doors are open to welcome you on one (or more!) of our exclusive small group “bubble” journeys to four exotic destinations in 2022. Our travel bubbles are limited to a maximum of 20 passengers, which ensures intimacy and the best consideration of health and safety guidelines. We’ve customized these itineraries to allow inquisitive travellers like yourself to reconnect with friends and family while exploring the world in ways that accommodate the new realities of the past year.

Our exclusive bubble journeys feature the best travel experiences and inclusions, from outdoor activities to walking tours with plenty of al fresco dining along the way. Each bubble’s local guides look after all the day-to-day arrangements, ensuring you have a worry-free travel experience. The goal is to remove the boundaries between you and the fabulous destinations you visit, allowing you to immerse yourself in local cultures and enjoy unforgettable encounters alongside fellow travellers in a fun and relaxed environment.

And let’s not forget your fantastic choice of destinations: ultra modern Dubai with its soaring skyscrapers hugging the blue shimmer of the Persian Gulf on one side and the searing vastness of the Arabian Desert on the other; peaceful Japan with its deep-rooted traditions that are intricately woven into the country’s futuristic reality of bullet trains, robots, and mega cities; amazing Australia that boasts unforgettable nature from the Great Barrier Reef to the red rocks of the remote Outback, charming modern cities in Sydney and Melbourne, and all the wine, wildlife, and fascinating Aboriginal heritage you could hope for; and finally the infinite variety of South Africa, with its layers of historical landmarks, cultural diversity, towering mountains, shimmering oceanscapes, modern cities, and, of course, game parks that are home to the most beloved animals on the planet.

The travel dates for each bubble group tour have been carefully selected to ensure maximum comfort and sightseeing opportunities: you get Dubai when it’s not too hot and not too cold; Japan in the midst of springtime and the cherry blossom bloom; summer downunder in Australia; and the dry season in South Africa when the rains are minimal.

Now is the time to book. Space is limited. You cannot control what has happened this past year, but you sure can make up for it on one of our exclusive bubble journeys of a lifetime.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

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