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Something quite incredible has been happening over the past year when it comes to travel – we’ve been taking to highways, backroads, and trails rediscovering what a breathtaking country Canada is!
From our National Parks like the Jasper and Gros Morne, to charming off-the-beaten-path towns and iconic road trips where you can see for miles and miles, we’ve been getting reacquainted with the country, and many times experiencing parts of it for the first time.
While venturing across country in search of new experiences, we’ve learned there’s nowhere else you’ll find a more stunning collection of landscapes, people, and outdoor thrills than in the Canada. And then there’s the food! From decadent food trucks to farm-to-table bistros to wildly creative and experimental restaurants, you’ll never go hungry. You’ll certainly need the energy, no matter if you’re tearing down Whistler’s world-class slopes, relaxing in one of Banff’s many hot springs, or soaking up Old Quebec’s gorgeous architecture and history.
Above all, Canada is a land tailor-made for one-of-a-kind adventures you won’t find anywhere else in the world. One moment you could be digging into the best sushi of your life in Vancouver and the next sharing some serious oohs and ahhs as you make your way across the stunning Canadian Rockies. In a country as big as Canada, nearly 10 million square kilometers big, you could spend a lifetime crisscrossing it and never see the same sight twice – so start planning!

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Photo by Eugene Aikimov on Unsplash

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