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CIE Tours is the premier operator for Ireland and Britain vacations, backed by 87 years of experience and an impeccable reputation. Their tours and people exemplify the best of Irish hospitality: warmth, approachability, natural storytelling, and immersion in local culture. Now, they’re extending that same Irish DNA to brand-new destinations around the world, beginning with Iceland and Italy. 

From all-inclusive guided vacations to customized private driver experiences and self-drive adventures, their tours are curated to appeal to a wide range of travelers—honeymooners, bucket-listers, solo travelers, families and those seeking to connecting with their heritage. They balance famous icons with local haunts and immersive cultural experiences. And throughout, their guides provide the backstories and deep intel that simply can’t be gleaned from a book. 

More than 50,000 travelers each year choose CIE Tours guided vacations, and collectively give us a 95% customer satisfaction. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Expertise. They offer well over 80 years of experience creating distinctive and memorable travel experiences in Ireland and beyond.
  2. Breadth and depth. They have more than 50 guided vacations to choose from—from weekenders to epic journeys, plus private driver experiences.
  3. Authenticity. CIE Tours immerses you in local culture—they won’t just see their destination, they’ll live it.
  4. Deep local knowledge. Our local guides and drivers are at the heart of any CIE Tours vacation. Sharing their personal knowledge of each destination, they make the trip singularly memorable and enlightening for guests.  
  5. All-inclusive. Every aspect of a CIE Tours itinerary is included – no hidden costs and no upselling on tour.






Experiences That Will Wow You!

Here are some of our favorite CIE Tours that go beyond the tried and true to introduce travelers to new destinations—and new ways of experiencing some of the classics. Here’s just a sampling:

  • 2019 Outer Hebrides: Scotland’s Gaelic West goes beyond the popular Isle of Skye to explore seven Scottish islands in 11 days.
  • Taste of Wales introduces guests to Wales’ fascinating culture and breathtaking scenery, complete with a farm experience and a sampling of traditional Welsh cuisine. 
  • Northern Welcome explores the rich culture and striking natural beauty of Northern Ireland and the northernmost reaches of the Republic, from cosmopolitan Belfast to tranquil Inishowen.
  • Foodie Tour is an epicure’s dream that includes everything from a Dublin cooking class to seaweed foraging and a whiskey and chocolate pairing.
  • Taste of Iceland and Ireland combines two classic adventures—Ireland’s Ring of Kerry and Iceland’s Golden Circle—in one unforgettable pairing.










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