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What is it About Europe That Makes it So Perfect For First Time Travellers?



When the wanderlust grabs a hold of you and you go on your first real trip, we all seem to find ourselves in Europe. It’s just what you do and where you go when you’re ready to start your life of adventures abroad. But why? 
Here’s why, in our unscientific opinion, first-time travellers choose to make Europe their first...

There isn’t much that Europe hasn’t mastered, and whether it’s the public transportation, health care system, laws, environmentalism or just the regular vibe and lifestyle, it’s so easy to just step in and adjust to the European norm.

Squishing over 40 countries into a space a bit bigger than the USA means that travelling a short distance goes a long way when you’re in Europe. You can have breakfast in one country, lunch in another country and dinner somewhere completely different. Where else can you do the same?

Europe is a great place to broaden your palate before exploring the rest of the world – the cuisine is familiar enough to draw you in, but delicious enough to wow your taste buds all the same.
Not only has Europe produced some of the best foods in history, each country has their own unique take on food, and it is all worth trying.


The museums and sites in Europe are world-class. We love a good day of wandering and eating, sure, but Europe is unbeatable when it comes to worthwhile things to see and do in every city.

Europe is traveller friendly, and that’s appreciated by first-time travellers especially. Signs and restaurant menus are often available in lots of languages. Even water fountains and public bathrooms appear magically like mirages while you’re exploring the cities. Europe really does make it easy to be a traveller.

If there’s one thing that you can be sure of, is that you’re not the only young wanderluster in the world who has their sights set on Europe. Finding fellow travellers (first timers and experts) is a given, so whether you’re travelling alone or not, it’s so easy to find new friends along the way.

All things considered, Europe is just “IT”. It’s charming, delicious, beautiful, diverse, and everything we want out of a vacation. So why not make sure your first time is the best time?

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